Living Towers Florida Keys

You may remember me telling you, after Irma pounded The Florida Keys, that Jan and Jason lived in The Keys as Jason was growing up.  Jason has grown up on, in or near the water most of his life. As a family we’ve visited The Keys every year for the past few years.  The Keys are beautiful!  If you’ve been there, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  The weather, the water, the people.  But there’s just one downside, the produce.

You see, in The Lower Keys, you’re closer to Havana then Miami.  All the produce is travelling hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of miles.  Growing it is tough too.  You need a jack hammer to dig into the rock, or you’re spending a lot of time, energy and money on buying and building a raised bed with irrigation.  Fresh produce is hard to find. Local produce is impossible to find — until now.

Living Towers Florida Keys


That’s right!  We’re opening up a Living Towers Florida Keys in The Lower Keys!

Our mission is the same, to provide fresh, local nutrient dense food and teach you how easy it is to grow your own too.  Everyone wins!

We’re already shipping seedlings so if you’ve ordered in the last week they were shipped from The Keys. Seedlings are already available for pick up (by appointment for now). In the coming weeks we’ll have a small amount of lettuce, herbs and greens available.  This will increase over the next month as we start growing to our full capacity.

But what about Living Towers in Eustis?

Don’t worry!  Living Towers in Eustis is staying put! You’ll still be able to visit during our opening hours to purchase seedlings and produce.  Workshops will still take place once a month and you’ll still see us at various shows in Central Florida. Opening hours are 10am – 2pm Tuesday and Thursday, 10am – 4pm Saturday.

Where can we find you?

You’ll find us inside Bayshore Nursery and Landscaping, right on US1 on Ramrod Key. For now, we’re open by appointment only but we expect this to change in a few short weeks. Give us a call on (305) 986-0803 if you want to come by.


  1. Do you have any photos of the facility you’re doing in key west

    • Not yet. We’re actually on Ramrod. We have just a handful of Towers up but we’ll be planting more over the coming weeks. 🙂

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