We listened to your feedback and we have tried to make the order process on www.livingtowerseedlings.com a little easier.

  • On the left, click on Seedlings then Mix n Match.



  • If you want to purchase only one of the seedlings, simply click on Add to Cart. If you want to purchase more than one, click on Quick View. Select the quantity in the drop down box shown below.
  1. quickview1.pngquickview.png
  2. After adding an item to cart the following pop up window will appear. If you need more seedlings, continue the process until all your seedlings are in your cart.  Click on View or edit cart.added.pngcart.png
  3. Edit the quantity of individual seedlings if necessary.  Then checkout as normal!

If you want to grow your own, learn how you can start the perfect seedling here.

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