Tower Gardens under Grow Lights at the Orange County Convention Center

Alignment with Orange County’s Sustainability Goals

Urban Smart Farms at the Orange County Convention Center is currently the largest indoor Tower Farm in the world.

In 2014 Orange County Government published the “Our Home for Life” sustainability plan. Community, Natural Resources, Mobility, Built Environment, Arts & Culture, Education, and Civic Engagement were singled out as focus areas for the coming years. The Orange County Convention Center is proud to present our commitment to this plan, in plain view of the public and the visitors to our facility. Specifically, the gardens are a tangible example of the goal to improve access to healthy food choices, connect individuals with nature, and teach the value of the environment.

  1. Why Tower Garden®?

    Clean, easy to assemble, managable medium for growing hydroponics indoors producing the quality and quantity desired.

  1. What are the Tower Gardens used for?

    Educating the public in a venue that receives a wide variety of traffic. The Orange County Convention Center is one of the busiest Convention Centers in the country. Produce is grown and delivered to the contracted management company of the Orange County Convention Center, Centerplate Corp.

  1. How many Tower Gardens did you start with and what was your plan for these?  How many do you have now?

    81 Tower Gardens with 44 planting spots in each ; year round indoor growing of herbs, lettuces and greens.

Tower Gardens at the Orange County Convention Center under Grow Lights
Tower Gardens at the Orange County Convention Center under Grow Lights
  1. What has been the reaction from the public?

    Positive with a high degree of enthusiasm for continued farming. We receive a great many thank yous on line of bringing the farm to the public.

  1. How many Tower Gardens would you like to have over time and will they be used for anything other than that explained above?

    Currently there are no plans for expansion in the future. However, Centerplate is working on several outdoor farms with other owners/operators of venues.

If you are looking to install a Tower Farm inside or outside, please contact us below.


  1. Good morning , why don’t you send these e-mails earlier so some of us can attend and learn how to grow these beautiful plants at home

    • I’m not sure I understand your question. This about Urban Smart Farms was posted on our website this week.

  2. Hi
    I visited the Convention Center and was very impressed with your setup. I currently have two tower gardens. I really like that you used screws to hold the rock wool. Can you tell me the type of screws and the size I want to use them on my towers. Thank you in advance.

    • You can now use the clips to save drilling holes into the tower. TG Clips

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