From time to time we get requests for other vegetables, fruits and herbs.  We would LOVE to offer everything, but it’s simply not possible.  So we’re giving you the chance to help us decide.  What seedlings would you like to see us offer.


  1. Red Russian Kale, Black Kale, assorted HOT Peppers

    • Hi Beth!

      We usually have red Russian kale. We have had jalapeno and Cayenne peppers this summer.

  2. Variety of Hot peppers

    • We regularly offer jalapeno and Cayenne. Specify the variety in the form and we’ll see what we can do. 😊

      • We have now added Habanero

  3. Brussels sprouts!
    Ornamental pumpkins would be fun to grow this time of year. Another site I order from is out of stock.

    • Add them to the form and we’ll see what we can do. 😊

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