Planning Commercial Tower Garden farm

In partnership with the Juice Plus Company, Living Towers is able to assist you in every aspect of planning your commercial Tower Garden™ farm. If you are interested in 10 Towers or more, you are considered a Commercial client. Commercial farms can be found in many different places. On the ground or on rooftops, hotels and resorts, restaurants and cafeterias, schools and universities, greenhouses or any other outdoor or indoor space. If you can vision it, we can help you make your dream a reality.

For the past 8 years, Future Growing LLC has been the world leader in vertical aeroponic food farms utilizing patented Tower Garden™ technology. Just recently they merged with the Juice Plus Company, who have provided Tower Gardens for families for just over 4 years.

Tower Garden farms drastically reduce the carbon footprint that traditional farming leaves behind. 100% of the water and nutrients are recycled therefore reducing the water and fertilizer waste.