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Jason and Dee had no prior agricultural experience, but were passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and educating others. They were fulltime skydiving instructors working in the UAE. They had lived there for almost 18 months and returned home to Florida shortly after the birth of their daughter. They stopped in Eustis to help Jan, Jason’s mom, on a project she was working on. They never imagined it would turn into something this big.

Jason and Dee Skydiving

One of the first Tower Garden farms in the world, Living Towers was built in Eustis, Florida by Dr Jan Young, Jason’s mom. Food was produced using rainwater collection and solar energy, creating the smallest possible ecological footprint, growing over 5000 plants in a 2,200 square foot greenhouse. Living Towers served local communities, food banks and co-ops.

Living Towers Greenhouse at night

Just two years after opening, construction began on a second greenhouse.  Living Towers became the first approved seedling provider for the Tower Garden Company and began offering seedlings for Tower Garden customers across the lower 48. They were now growing more 6,000 plants and 20,000 seedlings every week.

Living Towers New Greenhouse
florida (1)

Jason grew up in the Florida Keys and he and his family longed to return.  Jason and his family loved it there but there was one minor issue that was really important to them.  Good quality, affordable produce was hard to find. The Lower Keys is over 100 miles from mainland Florida, and because of the extra distance produce travelled, it didn’t stay fresh for very long.

In 2018 Jason and his family moved to the Lower Keys with a goal of opening up a second “Living Towers” so they could grow quality produce for the local community.

In 2019, Jason and Dee opened Living Towers Florida Keys on Ramrod Key in The Florida Keys. Seedlings ordered online from Living Towers were now shipped from The Florida Keys. The seedling inventory expanded substantially and over 60 varieties of seedlings were offered. The Lower Keys community also had access to quality, fresh, nutrient-dense food.

Living Towers Ramrod Key
Living Towers Cudjoe Key

In May of 2021, less than two years after opening their new farm, Jason and Dee outgrew (pun intended) their space and moved the farm a few miles down the road to a Cudjoe Key.  They currently offer workshops, over 100 different seedling varieties, and produce for the local community.

Tower Garden HOME vs Tower Garden FLEX Comparison Chart
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