Can you spot a ladybug egg or larvae?

There are many beneficial insects out there. If you find praying mantis, spiders, parasitic wasp, lacewing larvae, ladybugs or ladybug larvae in your garden, let them be. They are all assuming the role of “live biological control”. People are most familiar with ladybugs but would you recognize their eggs or larvae?

The larvae are really ugly, as you can see in the photo, but this stage of ladybug development will also harvest lots of aphids from your plants. If you see clusters of little yellow eggs on the underside of your plants, now you’ll recognize them as a good thing.

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Many folks are under the misconception that if they grow a Tower Garden inside with Grow Lights (or in a screened room) they will not have a problem with bugs.  WRONG.  You can often have more problems.  “Why?” I hear you ask.  When you grow inside you no longer have any natural predators, like the ladybug, to take care of bugs.  A few bugs can turn into a huge infestation in no time at all.

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