Is Hydroponics safe?

People always want to know “is hydroponics safe and as healthy as growing in good organic soil?”. According to the experts, ummm…YES! And more so! Plants don’t differentiate between nutrients that come from soil or the earth minerals found in Tower Tonic Mineral Blend. Here is a paragraph from the University of Alabama Cooperative Extension:

“Hydroponics is, simply put, growing plants without soil. The discovery was made years ago that it was not the actual soil that plants need to grow-is the mineral nutrients held by soil particles or those unleashed through the action of bacteria and worms. The nutrients slowly dissolve in the surrounding soil-water solution, and the roots then absorb the nutrients from the soil-water. All plants have the same basic needs whether they are grown in soil or not. When the plant’s nutritional needs are met, soil is no longer necessary. In fact, the soil may harbor pathogens and other organisms that could harm the plant.Tomato Tower Garden

But are they safe? That being said, not all hydro systems are safe for you. If you do not use food grade plastic you could be ingesting harmful chemicals with each harvest. Would you microwave a styrofoam cup of coffee?  Of course not!  You certainly do not want to grow your food in cheap plastic, styrofoam, or PVC. Consumers should demand, at minimum, the use of food grade plastics. Tower Gardens are made with USDA approved double UV protected, opaque, food grade plastic. Not only does this make Tower Garden extremely safe for food production, but long lasting too. Your Tower Garden can last 20-25 years!

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