I’m not done with the pro’s of a Tower Garden yet…

Did you read the previous parts to this series? Part one is here and part two is here.

The Tower Garden is HEALTHIER
We are hearing all the time that vegetables nowadays are not as nutritionally dense as they were when our parents and even our grandparents were our age.  If we carry on farming the way we are this is only going to get worse.  The Tower Tonic contains all 16 major macro and trace elements that plants require.  The Tower Tonic utilizes earth minerals refined in their purest form so we know exactly what is going into the plants, in the right formulation, to get what we want to get out of the plants.

The Tower Garden is TASTIER
Produce grown in a Tower Garden tastes like it used to taste (before soil was depleted of nutrients and everything was covered in synthetic pesticides).  No more plain tasting tomatoes!

The Tower Garden is MORE NUTRITIOUS
Did you know the nutrition in produce starts to breakdown the moment it is harvested?  Did you know with a Tower Garden you walk out your back door and harvest what you need, as you need it and it is as fresh as can be!  Not only that but YOU pick them when they are vine ripened and at their peak.  Did you know Vine-ripened tomatoes contain nearly twice the vitamin C and beta-carotene as their green-picked counterparts.

The Tower Garden Produce GROWS FASTER
We’ve already mentioned that the Tower Tonic contains all 16 minerals that plants require.  Because of this, and the regular watering, your produce grows 20%-30% quicker than produce grown in the ground.

The Tower Garden means FEWER PESTS
There is no soil in a Tower Garden so you immediately eliminate all of your soil born diseases and pests.  Your plants are stronger and healthier (due to the Tower Tonic and regular watering) and just like humans who eat the right foods, they are more resistant to disease and pests.

I can promise you that you will not find anyone growing lettuce in the summer in Florida.  It is just too hot, unless they are growing in a Tower Garden.  It takes a lot to heat up 20 gallons of water so the water temperature is always cooler than the outside air temperature so plants are literally cooled from the inside out.   The opposite occurs in the winter when it freezes, the water is always warmer then the air.  Now you won’t be growing cucumbers, or any other summer crops, when there is a foot of snow on the ground but you will certainly be growing them longer than farmer John down the street!

The bottom line is…
…if you spend more than $10 a week on produce that can be grown in a Tower Garden it makes perfect sense to invest in one (that is unless you own shares in your Grocery Store). For just $43 a month you can be in control of your food source, know what went on it, know how fresh it is and know that it is being fed all of the minerals it needs to taste like it used to and deliver to you all the nutrition that mother nature intended.

If you want to learn more about the Tower Garden  visit our website (www.livingtowers.com), send us an email ([email protected]), or give us a call at the farm on 352-357-4453.

Grow green, grow healthy with the easiest garden on earth!

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