Tiny Tim Tomatoes in the Tower Garden

Tiny Tim Tomatoes: A compact tomato plant that is perfect for Tower Garden

Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Tiny Tim tomatoes are a fantastic choice for Tower Gardeners and an even better choice for indoor Tower Gardeners.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes are a variety of cherry tomatoes known for their small size. They are a dwarf, determinate variety which makes them well-suited for growing in small spaces, especially indoors. The tomatoes themselves are usually less than 1 inch in diameter but the plants are usually between 12-18″ tall. They produce a large amount of fruit in a small amount of space. When growing conditions are optimal, they will have incredible yields of fruit that often outweigh the plant 3:1!

How big will Tiny Tim tomatoes and the plants grow?

The plant will grow to about 12-18″ while the fruit will usually be less than 1 inch in diameter.

Do Tiny Tim Tomatoes need a trellis?

Unlike other tomato plants, Tiny Tims are a very small compact plant and no supports or stakes are necessary for this variety.

Do you need to prune Tiny Tim Tomatoes?

Tiny Tims is a dwarf-determinate tomato and does not require pruning, except to remove excess foliage that is covering the fruits.

How long will it take Tiny Tim to produce fruit?

Tiny Tim tomatoes are one of the fastest-growing tomatoes available. Under ideal growing conditions (adequate light, water and nutrients) you will begin harvesting tomatoes around 40-60 days after planting them in your Tower Garden.

How many Tiny Tim plants can I grow per Tower Garden?

Tiny Tim Tomatoes in the Tower Garden

Due to their compact nature, you could grow one in each regular growing port. However, keep an eye on your reservoir as you will go through a lot of water when they start to produce. We do not recommend growing them in the baby greens growing pots.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes in the Tower Garden

We now offer Tiny Tim Tomato seedlings, ready to transplant to your Tower Garden, soil garden, or another hydroponic system that uses 1.5″ Rockwool cubes. Order your seedlings here.

If you are growing other varieties, Growing Tasty Tomatoes in the Tower Garden is a recommended read!

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