What is a Tower Farm?

Living Towers, in partnership with Tower Farms® (formerly Future Growing), can assist with planning, design, construction and even financing your large or small Tower Garden® farm. If you are interested in 10 Towers or more, your project may be considered a Tower Farm®. Tower Farms® can be found in many different applications, in countries all over the world. You’ll find them on the ground, on rooftops, in greenhouses, and even inside buildings with grow lights. Farms in restaurants and hotels provide produce that truly goes from “Farm to Table”.  Schools are teaching the students the lettuce is grown from seed and doesn’t come from a bag int he grocery store.You’ll also find Tower Farms in universities, airports, food banks, convention centers, hospitals and even a correctional facility.

There are currently over 300 Tower Farms® around the world and over 50,000 residential Towers across North America. We are beginning to change the way food is produced and bringing it closer to home, one family or farm at a time!

If you can vision it, we can help make your dream a reality.

If you are ready to grow a small or large farm please don’t hesitate to email us at farms@livingtowers.com or call at (352) 357-4453.

Why Tower Farm?

Tower Garden farms drastically reduce the carbon footprint that traditional farming leaves behind.  Utilizing just 5-10% of the water of traditional gardening and the ability to grow year-round, it’s no wonder so many farms, school, churches, institutions have transitioned to Tower Farms® over the last few years.


Tower Farms are designed to be more automated and cost-effective to enable growing on a larger scale. Tower Farms® can include multiple add-on systems that eliminate the manual aspects of mixing nutrients, adding nutrients and draining residential Tower Garden®

Your Tower Farm can be as large as you like. The smallest Tower Farms available are 10 Tower Garden, each with 9 pots (36 growing spaces per Tower Garden®)

YES! Tower Farms can be installed in almost any country around the world.  There are currently Tower Farms in Spain, Puerto Rico, Ibiza, Sweden, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Barbados, St Thomas, Canada, Trinidad to name just a few.

It certainly is. Contact us using the form below to learn more about our attractive financing.

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