Tower Garden Extras

7 of the Greatest Tower Garden Extras and Why You’re Going to Want Them Too!

The Tower Garden comes with everything you need to get growing. All you need to do is start your own seeds, and you’re on your way to fresh homegrown produce. I’m always on the lookout for things that are going to make my life easier.  These Tower Garden Extras will make Tower Gardening even easier.

Inline Filter

If you are using city water, the number one Tower Garden Extra we will ALWAYS recommend is a filter to remove the chlorine/chloramine before filling your reservoir.

Chlorine is a micronutrient required by plants. However, the quantity they need is minimal and is already found in the Tower Tonic Mineral Blend. When using non-filtered water plants take in far too much and the result is often wilting, particularly in the summer months, and diminished growth.

Chlorine dissipates in about 24-48 hours, so you may find your plants perk up after a day or two. Chloramine, which is a mixture of chlorine and ammonia does not dissipate. The effects of chloramine on your garden are even more detrimental than chlorine.

More cities are switching to chloramine as it means they have to add it less often. Look up their annual water report, which can often be found online or give your city a call and ask them whether they use chlorine or chloramine.

We are seeing an increasing number of growers have issues caused by chlorine/chloramine. We cannot control the weather, but we can remove the chlorine/chloramine and give the plants one less thing to stress them out.

Tower Garden Extras - Chlorine Filter

Chlorine Filter

Tower Garden Extras - Chloramine Filter

Chloramine Filter

Black Light

Number two on our favorite Tower Garden Extras list is a Black Light! If you’ve grown tomatoes, there’s a good chance you’ve dealt with Tomato hornworms.  Those big fat green caterpillars can decimate a tomato plant overnight!  Thuricide can be used topically, but it’s often just as easy to pick them off. The only problem is they blend in really well with the tomato plant.

Grab yourself a black light and go hunting at night! Those suckers glow in the dark so they can be found really easily with a black light.

Tower Garden Extras - Black Light Flashlight

Black Light Flash Light

Pump Dispenser for Gallon Jugs

The gallon jugs of minerals can be cumbersome and difficult for some to lift and pour.  Use pump dispensers to fill the measuring cup before adding it to the reservoir.

Tower Garden Extras - Pump Dispensers

Pump Dispensers

Cloning Collars

Now, this is not something that I have used in the 12 years I’ve grown Towers, but I know some of you want to use them.  It isn’t necessary, but it isn’t going to do any harm. Cover empty growing ports with these cloning collars.

Tower Garden Extras - Cloning Collars

Cloning Collars

Bird Net

It’s frustrating when the birds find your tomatoes before you do.  Protect your crop with a bird net. I only had to use it for a few weeks.  Once the birds realized they could no longer get at the tomatoes, they moved on.  I was able to take the net off and store it for later.

Tower Garden Extras - Bird Net

Garden Netting


Pests are part of gardening so it’s important to be prepared.  Azamax is a favorite of ours as it’s suitable to use on a wide range of insects and mites.

Tower Garden Extras - Azamax



The most common Tower Garden Extra that many Tower Gardeners choose to purchase are seedlings. Purchasing seedlings can save you between 1 and 4 weeks of waiting for seeds to germinate.  We offer over 80 varieties, a loyalty and referral program, and ship via UPS or FedEx.  Order your seedlings at

Seedlings on Propagation Table

Ready to purchase your own Tower Garden? Send us a message or order your Tower Garden here.

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