Tower Garden Hurricane Prep

Tower Garden Hurricane Prep Like a Pro

Tower Garden Hurricane Prep like a pro

When you’re in the cone of uncertainty, you already have a lot going through your mind. You may be asking yourself “What do I do with my Tower Garden in a Hurricane?” Tower Garden Hurricane prep is easier than you think and with a little preparation, your Tower will be safe and your neighbors will be thankful that you didn’t leave any projectiles outside.

It’s called the cone of uncertainty for a reason. No one really knows where the center of the hurricane is going to go. While the winds in the eyewall are the most damaging, hurricane-strength winds can extend outward up to 100 miles. Tropical-storm-force winds can extend to as far as 300 miles from the center of a large hurricane.

With that said, what should you do when a hurricane is heading your way?

What do I do with my Tower Garden during a hurricane?

🌀 If you are in the direct path of a hurricane and hurricane-strength winds are forecast, move your Tower Garden inside. This could be in a garage or in the home.

🌀 If tropical storm winds are forecast, you may be okay leaving your Tower Garden outside and bringing it close to the house, under a covered porch. However, a good rule of thumb is if you are moving patio furniture inside, it’s a good idea to bring your Tower Garden inside too.

🌀 If you cannot bring your Tower Garden inside and do not have a safe place near the house to move it, you can remove the plants and place them in the bathtub or plastic tote. Just add an inch or two of water to keep the roots wet. You can pop them back in the Tower when the storm has passed.

🌀 If your Tower is staying outside take it off the dolly if possible. If this isn’t possible use a large rope (or something similar) and place it around the wheels. This will stop the wind from blowing it down the porch, driveway, pool deck etc. We have had customers whose Towers were blown into their pool when an afternoon storm whipped through.

🌀 If your Tower Garden is staying outside and you are not using a Support Cage, use zip ties to secure the reservoir lid to the reservoir. Then fill the reservoir. 20 gallons of water weighs over 180lb.

🌀 Fill a couple of buckets or containers with water in case you lose power. You can water from the top.

🌀 If you are running a generator, unplug the timer and plug your Tower Garden pump into the generator. Run it for a few minutes every hour. The timer will draw a lot more electricity when it turns on and off so it’s not necessary in these situations.

Tower Garden Hurricane prep is pretty straightforward when you break it down! Now you know what to do with Tower Garden in a hurricane.

Always listen to local authorities when it comes to evacuations and NOAA for the latest updates and advisories on current systems.

Stay safe out there!

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