Tower Garden FLEX vs Tower Garden HOME

Tower Garden FLEX vs Tower Garden HOME

Tower Garden FLEX vs Tower Garden HOME

There’s a new kid on the block.  But how do they differ?  Read on as we break down the Tower Garden FLEX vs Tower Garden HOME. We’ve been sharing Tower Gardens since 2010. A question that we are asked at almost every event we’ve attended is “Do they make a smaller one?”  We’ve had to answer no — but that’s about to change.

The Tower Garden HOME has just a few visible differences from its predecessor.  Compared to the Tower Garden FLEX, as it’s now known, it has a smaller reservoir, built-in wheels, and a few other nice little features thrown in too.

Tower Garden FLEX vs Tower Garden HOME

Here’s a chart comparing the two, side by side.

Tower Garden flex vs home comparison Chart

Both Tower Gardens also come with an upgraded, pre-programmed timer to make growing even easier.  Simply select “I” if you are growing inside or “O” if you are growing outside. The indoor setting will run the pump for 5 minutes on, and 45 minutes off and the outdoor setting will be 3 minutes on and 12 minutes off. No more messing with those fiddly little pins.

The new timer will be available to purchase individually and start shipping with the Tower Garden FLEX early in 2020. We’re currently working hard on some seedling packages designed with the new Tower Garden HOME in mind.  Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox and our Facebook page for more details.

Tower Garden HOME is available to order on November 1, 2019, just one week from today!  If you are an existing Juice Plus or Tower Garden Customer or representative, please contact your representative or upline team member to order.

If you are one of the thousands of people we have spoken to at the hundreds of events we have attended over the years, please comment on this post or send an email to [email protected].

But what Tower Garden makes sense for you and your family?  Don’t worry!  We’ll help you figure it out. Head on over to 3 Simple Questions to Figure out What Tower Garden is Best for You. FLEX, HOME or Family Tower Garden?

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Tower Garden HOME vs Tower Garden FLEX Comparison Chart
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