Why Tower Farm?

You’ll find Tower Farms on every continent around the world. Living Towers, in partnership with Tower Farms®, can assist with the planning, design, construction, and financing of your Tower Farm.

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Farm virtually anywhere

You can grow food in a variety of unlikely places. You’ll find Tower Farms on rooftops, in airports, convention centers, schools, hotels, restaurants and even stadiums.

Get Farm Financing

Low interest financing with a down payment of 25% makes urban agriculture more accessible.

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Scissortail Farms


Maximal yields in minimal space

Produce up to 10x more food than a conventional farm of the same size — without paying for extra land

30% More Yield, 3 x Faster

The Tower Farms aeroponic growing process produces up to 30% greater yields 3x faster, compared to traditional farming methods

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Use up to 98% less water

With closed-loop technology, Tower Farms systems recycle water and nutrients. Better for the planet. Better for your balance sheet.

Propagation Tables

Choose from over 150 different crops

From delicate herbs and greens to hearty fruiting crops, such as tomatoes and squash. Adapt your selection as needed.

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Grow a superior product that sells at a premium price

Urban farms mean reduced transportation times so your produce retains peak freshness and flavor.

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A farm that lasts a lifetime

Unlike most white plastics used in agriculture — which degrade with time and solar radiation — the FDA food grade-compliant, UV-stabilized plastic in Tower Garden is designed to last decades. Focus on farming, not replacing equipment.

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Prevent common farming problems.

Since there is no soil you eliminate soil-borne pests and plant diseases. And since each tower grows independently, you can isolate and address any issues that do arise without jeopardizing your entire farm.

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Start small and scale up.

The Tower Farms farm comes with everything you need to get growing. And since the system is modular, you can start small, safely test the market, perfect your approach, and then scale up your farm when you are ready.

Propagation tables, gravity tank and dosatrons

Control the growing climate and ensure reliable results.

With Tower Farms, you never have to worry about droughts or floods. And if you grow indoors or in a greenhouse, you can control multiple variables to consistently produce predictable yields, regardless of the weather.

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Simplify the farming process.

Farming is hard work. But Tower Farms makes it easier by automating feeding and watering cycles, eliminating weeding and digging, and minimizing pest risk. And if you need help along the way, you’ll have full access to our farming resources and guidance from fellow farmerpreneurs.

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